A world where nutrition is affordable & human development mandatory.


To nourish humanity & promote human development.
You are our key partner.

Mega 4's Bottling Company is proud to promote the sustainability of local business. If you want to be a member of our select group of local suppliers, associates and vendors, ...contact us.

What is our focus?

We implement our profitable and sustainable  ​humanitarian business plan in developing countries, and provide the technology, training, education, and infrastructure  ​necessary to sustain and support local enterprises.

What do we expect to solve?

Our nourishing products & energy liquid meals are natural and organic. They help reduce malnutrition and hunger, while our sales system creates numerous job opportunities, and sponsors local agriculture & industries of developing economies.      

This is who we are

BUsiness MOdel

Our products are formulated by nutrition specialists.

Our professional staff includes fine tuned nutritionists to ensure the best quality products & deliver a higher standard alignment.